Yoga is a 5,000 year old system of health for the body, mind, and spirit. Originally from India, Yoga in Japan has a very long history dating back to the Nara Era (593-758AD.) All of the Yoga classes at Senaji Studio are based on Hatha Yoga, which combines three aspects of Yoga; asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Asana, meaning steady comfortable pose, are the physical postures and movements usually associated with Yoga. Pranayama refers to the specific breathing exercises used to help awaken and move energy throughout the body. Meditation, the foundation of Yoga, helps steady the mind and spirit and bring the True Self into focus.

Classes and Schedule

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Each class is based on Basic Hatha Yoga concentrating on a balance of physical postures, breathing, and meditation, but each class is tailored to the energy and levels of its students. The duration of each class is 90 minutes.

The class is offered once a week but the days and times vary. Please refer to the blog or Facebook page for monthly updates on class times and days. The blog is updated at the middle of the month for the following months classes so that you will have time to arrange your personal schedule accordingly.

Our studio is cozy and personal, and therefore a maximum student limit has been set to 8 students per class. Reservations are required by mail or phone, and any reservations beyond the limit will be put on a waiting list.


1x = ¥1,500
5x = ¥7,000(3 mos. expiry)
10x = ¥13,000(6 mos. expiry)